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Fire Door Inspections

Fire door inspection - Performance Fire Protection.When it comes to fire safety, the importance of properly functioning fire door cannot be overstated. These critical components play a vital role in containing the spread of fire and smoke, providing valuable time for safe evacuation and minimising property damage.

Performance Fire protection Ltd offers fire door inspections for the Responsible/Accountable Person (the person who owns or manages a building). Our qualified inspectors have passed the FDIS Diploma and the BRE Level 3 Fire Door Inspection Course and Exam. This ensures that they have the knowledge and skills to thoroughly inspect your fire doors and identify any potential problems.

The inspections are thorough and meticulous, ensuring that every detail of your fire doors is scrutinised to meet and exceed current safety regulations.

After each inspection we issue a comprehensive report detailing the condition of your fire doors. Our inspectors provide clear insights into any issues found during inspection along with any actionable recommendations for improvement.

Performance Fire Protection Ltd does not install or repair fire doors, therefore you can be confident that we will give you an honest appraisal of your fire doors without fear of creating additional work for ourselves or a third-party.

If you have any questions concerning fire doors or would like to book an inspection, please call (01435) 862448 or email info@performance−

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