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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting provides a critical role in guiding people to safety if normal lighting fails.

The lights can be used to illuminate an entire area or highlight the escape routes and emergency exit.

It is important to think about the need for specific lighting in high risk areas or those without any natural light.

Areas which need careful consideration:

  • Corridor Junctions
  • Escalators
  • Exit Doors
  • Fire Call Points and Control Panels
  • First Aid Points
  • High Risk Areas
  • Large Open Areas
  • Lifts
  • Stairways
  • Steps and Ramps
  • To illuminate directional signage
  • To illuminate fire fighting and safety equipment

There are two main types of systems:

  • Non-maintained
    These are mains powered lights with a battery backup which will only illuminate if there is a mains failure.
  • Maintained
    These lights are used for both emergency and non emergency, they are mains powered with a battery backup, and are permanently illuminated, such as ‘door exit signs’.
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